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You came into this world knowing how to lead and organize.

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However, you must be careful, for if you do not use your energy to nurture others but just for the sake of order, you will fall into the dark side. Witness the massive destruction caused by their desire to maintain order. I hope you take it seriously when I encourage you to let go. Most people with this North Node in Cancer placement find it hard to shake the need for recognition and may overwork themselves to attain martyrdom or exaggerate the difficulty of their tasks in order to gain attention. Because of a strict upbringing or perhaps just soul memory, you may not be able to tolerate anything less than total perfection from yourself.

In very extreme circumstances, you may make yourself sick in order to get out of dealing with situations that have the potential to require you to confront an inadequacy of yours. Growth will come when you learn to let it be. Life experiences will teach you eventually to become more natural, value your emotions and instincts, and to appreciate the natural cycle of life. In this lifetime, your greatest accomplishments will be of a personal nature. You know exactly how to take. Now you will learn to give.

It is not uncommon for people with this placement to be institutionalized as children. This may include a long hospital stay, residing in an orphanage or boarding school, or severely cold parents who treated you as a status symbol rather than a warm-blooded human being. They may have encouraged you to become an opportunist and taught you to value the material over the spiritual.

Nurturing professions are favored for you.

NORTH NODE IN CANCER, SOUTH NODE IN CAPRICORN - Karma & Past Lives - Hannah's Elsewhere

Nursing is an obvious choice. Interior decorating and different types of childcare or work with children are also strong possibilities.

The North Node is in Cancer, Ya’ll

Perhaps you, too, may make some money from your wonderful sense of humor. To balance your nodal energy, recommended hobbies are housekeeping, landscaping, genealogy, yoga, and history. As you let go of your control issues and move into your emotional body, you will find yourself connecting with others more and more and enjoying the experience.

It is important that you establish a family of some sort and that you be industrious. You are here to nurture the group and take comfort in being part of a family. Trust the life process and your instincts. You may never attain the station in life to which you think you are entitled, but in your home and family, you will find far great happiness than you could ever have imagined.

Did you know your name is no accident? Take control of your destiny, your finances, your career, your relationships through a complimentary Numerology Reading based on the powerful mathematics of the Universe. Click here to measure your understanding! This sounds horrible to me. If this is my destiny, I want a cosmic refund.


Perhaps as you discover what resonates with you astrologically you can drop a line or two and let me know. Although I am not the original commenter, I believe I may have an answer. Care-taking roles do not always have to be direct.

It is also possible for them to be indirect. Wow…Im amazed by this read and im so pleased I have embraced the areas of concern with perfect alignment with my best outcome gor my overall well being and I can see some areas that Im currently working on as well…Im amazed at my intuitive nature and my growth spiritually that gets all the credit no doubt…Im pleased to say the least.

Thank you! Do you have any insights to share that might be helpful for others who are trying to harness the energy of their node? Dang… my sun, moon and mercury are all in capricorn in an intercepted second house and now my north node is retrograde in cancer and intercepted in the the last part of my 8th house. Interesting… and I have no idea what it means!

But I was thinking — my friend with NN in cancer has also her sun and mars in cancer, so to her these karmic goals will be much easier to achieve than to me with all personal planets and ASC in capricorn and aquarius and no planets in water signs. Is it true? Dear god, exactly what I was afraid of. Cancerian traits are pretty much the exact opposite of mine. Nurturing, familial, home-loving… not exactly. I have resigned myself to the fact that family is very clearly not forthcoming for me in this lifetime.

Finally, I will get the respect I deserve. Then, of course, at the last minute it all falls through. Thanks for this explanation, Celestina. I definitely see this pattern in myself, but in a very specific way. I am actually very attracted to things of a spiritually and emotionally-fulfilling nature, and tend to try incorporate these things into my life main activities are meditating, reading spiritual articles, writing and piano.

I also love deep, authentic connections with people, and am not interested in things that most deem important. However, there is a part of me that never feels free to fully embody these things in an all-encompassing way, although I truly yearn to. So, if you were out chasing Capricorn dreams all the time, only to be disappointed, then it could be a sort of holding back. Over time, you might appreciate it as something that gives you internal energy and drives you forward. The feeling of being judged is something, I think, that will soften and mellow with age as your Cancerian energies earn the respect of your Capricorn side.

There will be situations where the North Node will save the day, and that will bring a lot of healing. I am so happy and thankful that I found this website and enjoy learning more about the north and south nodes. I have been feeling a bit lost recently as I have changed my whole life by leaving nursing school and my marriage last year and moved to a new city to start a new career in cooking that I attempted to do a little over 10 years ago and stopped when I had to move and support myself with a higher paying job.

I was working so hard for so long to be a nurse and kept running into challenges of if I was really happy and if I was doing it just to support my husband and possible future family. I have a hard work ethic and I tried to try hard and also go with the flow, but I keep failing and losing my job. Do you have any good advice for me?

I am also curious if you might be able to explain more about different jobs that are good for my Cancer North Node? I appreciate any help and thank you!

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One year later…how are things going with cooking school? Cooking is an excellent thing for a North Node Cancer to be doing, although we might also look at the house placement. Nurturing others should be a win for you whether through food or other ways. It sounds like you made a very brave decision to take a stand for your soul and your future. I wish you the best. Thanks for the read. Super frustrated, but grateful for the info all the same. Especially when you have a Mercury rising.

Is that what you meant?

How The Lunar Nodes Moving Into Cancer & Capricorn Will Affect You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Some things are not possible. There are limits. We are nothing like demi-gods. Quite the opposite of what you describe. How wonderful indeed to be able to pick our traits. I struggle with my South Node all the time and often fall into the trap of wishing I had the qualities which would only bring me those elusive South Node goals. You really hit the nail on the head!

I am a 33yo NY comedian who was forced to return to her family in Miami to help them with a crisis situation for almost two years not over just yet. In NY, I constantly sabotaged my career through poor isolating choices. I am nearing the end of the family crises and can now start planning my next move.


BTW very special opportunities have appeared while in Miami but I seem to keep blowing it but freezing up with shyness or being inebriated. What gives? I definitely know that cultivating that cancer warmth would have helped in those perceived missed opportunities.